Child Support

Financial obligations to minor children

All issues pertaining to a parent’s financial obligations to their children, including modifications of current support.

Schedule a Mediation
By choosing mediation, you can avoid the stress and expense of a lengthy court process, maintain control over the outcome, and achieve a mutually beneficial resolution without the 
need for a trial.


For FamilIes
Our goal is to assist families going through difficult times by providing a safe, confidential environment to resolve disputes.
For Families
Civil DisputeS
Most Florida courts require that parties to a civil case go to mediation before trial. A mediated agreement is often the most cost-effective way to resolve a dispute, and it puts the parties, not a judge or jury, in complete control over the end result. Parties can also choose to mediate their dispute before even filing a lawsuit.
Civil Disputes
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“Serving Florida families is my passion. Whether your case involves difficult financial issues or more straightforward disputes, I have the necessary knowledge, experience, and ability to assist as a mediator.”

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