Why Mediate

Mediation is a confidential, informal process that allows people to resolve their case outside of court, on their own terms, and without going to trial.

Many courts require that parties mediate before going to trial. Other parties voluntarily choose to mediate their case, even before filing in court.

Mediation has many advantages. Your negotiations are confidential, meaning that the court is not permitted to know what you discussed or offered at mediation. This encourages honest negotiation. Trials can be expensive and stressful. Mediation can be a less expensive and less intimidating way to resolve your case.

Most importantly, this process puts the parties in the driver’s seat. Both sides must agree to the terms of any settlement. They have complete control over the end result, whether it be a full settlement, a partial settlement, or no agreement. At a trial, parties have no control over the end result. Mediation, on the other hand, gives parties total authority to make decisions.

Mediation is a Confidential, Informal Process That Allows One to Resolve Their Case Outside of Court, On Their Own Terms, And Without Going to Trial.


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