How to Choose a Mediator

Mediation is a confidential, informal process that allows people to resolve their case outside of court, on their own terms, and without going to trial.

A Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator has completed specific training in the process of negotiation and compromise in family cases.

Many are licensed attorneys with experience in family law. Each case is different, so parties should evaluate the background and experience of a potential mediator, considering the issues in their particular case.

Experience Matters

When selecting a mediator, experience matters. For more information on my background, please visit my About page.

Mediation is a Confidential, Informal Process That Allows One to Resolve Their Case Outside of Court, On Their Own Terms, And Without Going to Trial.


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“Serving Florida families is my passion. Whether your case involves difficult financial issues or more straightforward disputes, I have the necessary knowledge, experience, and ability to assist as a mediator.”

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